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About us

   The main purpose of our company is  providing the population with the basic foodstuffs of agricultural origin - groats, flour, sugar in a high-quality and  easy-to-use packaging, as well as supporting the domestic producers of agricultural products.

   We offer reasonable prices for our products. This commodity group isn’t chosen by chance!

  Our product - is a guarantee of healthy and beneficial food, and therefore human health and longevity. Enjoy good health!

  "August-Kiy" LTD. has its own fleet of branded trucks that can deliver and implement logistics services at optimal terms and without unnecessary costs and expenses.

   Professional line for packaging of foodstuffs makes it possible to pack all types of cereals, sugar, pasta, sunflower seeds and any other confectionery products in polypropylene packages of different sizes and any weight.

  We have wide experience and capabilities of agricultural goods selling abroad to Europe, America and Asia.

  Management system for Food Safety ISO 22000:2005  has been introduced and maintained in our Company since 2013.

  "August-Kiy" offers the following products of own production - starch, peas, buckwheat, corn, semolina, oats, barley, wheat and barley; millet, rice, elite, long grain, kruglozerny, parboiled, basmati and brown Jasmine rice; seeds, sea salt, vinegar, breadcrumbs, oats and buckwheat flakes. More detail You can find on the next page.
  Company "August-Kiy" offers to buy products of TM "Formula for health" in our company's Internet shop.

Bureau Veritas Certificate for August-Kiy

Bureau Veritas Certificate for August-Kiy

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