Published: Tuesday, 27 October 2015 10:00
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Collective of August-kiy
Staff of "August-Kiy" LTD


«August-Kiy» LTD was founded in 1996.

Up to 1998 the company was a commercial food base, which had more than two thousand product items in its range.

In 1998 a course on production of packaged goods and providing of supermarket chains with groats, flour and starch, was chosen.

Since then we’ve got a lot of serious and reliable partners - both suppliers and buyers. The sales outlets of our clients are practically in all cities of Ukraine. Therefore, the implementation area of our production is very wide.

Having all necessary terms for product promotion (highly-qualified staff, storage facilities, transport department, etc.) we were enable  to become the distributors of the leading producers of agricultural products.

Moreover, we represent the interests of many companies in our partners’ market outlets.

Our products are available in all regions of Ukraine - from Donetsk and Lugansk to Lviv and Ivano-Frankivsk, from Chernigov and Kharkov to the South Coast of Crimea.

One of our company activities is export of agricultural products to CIS countries, Europe and America.

The successful development of the enterprise is based on the following factors:

Availability of two own brands «August» and «Vesely Kok» allows us to provide customers with a large range of products.

     Production under «August» TM is presented by several kinds of packaging:

In 0,5 kg packaging are sold unique varieties of rice - jasmine, basmati, parboiled, unpolished rice – and rice mixes: parboiled with wild; natural, unpolished rice with wild.

     Production under «Vesely Kok» TM is represented by the most popular groats in Ukraine.

Due to the high quality of goods, package recognition and reasonable prices, production under "August" TM  and "Vesely Kok" TM has  become favourite in many families.

Products manufactured in our Company are always of high quality because we work for You, with love and care about your health!