The company's policy

Published: Tuesday, 27 October 2015 12:19
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   “August-Kiy” LTD policy is intended to meet the consumers’ requirements and expectations by focusing on quality and safety of production, development of new technologies and flexible pricing policy.

   We consider the high technical level and quality of production with their continuous improvement as the main condition for holding the leading position in the market of packaged groats and sugar, reinforcement of economic position, development of distribution network, expansion of production capacity and further development of the enterprise.

   The social policy of LTD “August-Kiy” is directed toward staff retention, development of friendly relationships between the co-workers, understanding of the common purpose and continuous personal improvement.

   We achieve the high level of satisfaction among the consumers and customers due to:

   “August-Kiy” LTD has all necessary technical and human resources to ensure the execution of quality and safety policy. Company’s management undertakes:

   “August-Kiy” LTD policy is brought to the attention of employees and other stakeholders.