New product line 2016!

«August-Kiy» offers to Your attention new products 2016!


Peas 0,5 kg

   Peas are a good source of one of the most deficient amino acids - lysine. Pea plays an important role in nutritional therapy and is recommended in the diet of people with heart diseases. Cooked peas can be served as a separate dish or as a garnish for meat or fish.

Buckwheat 0,5 kg

  By food value the buckwheat ranks first among the basic groats. It is nutritious, tasty and easily assimilated. Buckwheat – is a dietary product that has a high prophylactic effect. It’s advisable to include buckwheat in the daily menu in order to prevent diseases and simply as a tasty and delicious dish.

 Pearl barley 0,5 kg

  Pearl barley is produced from high quality barley and has curative properties. It is very healthy, nutritious and has an excellent taste. It’s a great stuffing for different kinds of soups.
Millet 0,5 kg

  Millet is valued as a product giving energy and making the body stronger. Its kernel is free not just from the shells, but also from the fruit and seed coats. In traditional medicine millet porridge is considered to be one of means to rid the body of antibiotics. It’s advisable to prepare millet with milk, curd, liver, pumpkin and other products.

 Long grain rice 0,5 kg

  This kind of rice has a long, thin grain: length - 6-8 mm, width ranges from 1/3 to 3/4 of its length. Long grain rice is the most popular sort of rice. It is universal in use, especially for preparing side dishes, cereals, pilaf and salads. While cooking the grains hold their shape and size.

 Short grain rice 0,5 kg

  This sort of rice has round grain: length - 6-8 mm, width ranges from 1/2 to 1/4 of its length. It’s almost opaque and contains more starch than long grain rice. While cooking the grains are boiling soft well and the ready dish has a delicious taste.
 «August-Kiy» offers to Your attention new products 2016!




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