Day of the defender of Ukraine

Celebration of the Day of Defender of Ukraine

Day of the defender of Ukraine  A complicated time for Ukraine demands the revival and continuous evolution of issues of national content and character. After all, the victory in life acquires no strength of hands and even not the power of reason, but the strength of the spirit. It is important that modern children, youth, have a mind, heart-wise, intellect, not indifferent to the fate of the people, the nation, the homeland, sincere aspirations, able to spawn sunshine shoots of faith in eternal values ​​and high national ideals.

  Day of the defender of Ukraine, October 14 - Day of the defender of Ukraine, Day of the Ukrainian Cossacks, Day of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA), Day of Holy Protection of the Blessed Virgin, understanding of the concepts of "unity", "integrity", "independence", "hero", "patriot", Cultivating civic qualities, a sense of sincere respect and gratitude to the defenders of the Motherland of all generations and historical milestones.

  Both adults and children were pleased that they were involved in the beautiful of glorious traditions - the commemoration of the defenders of the Fatherland.

  With all sincerity of the soul, we wish Ukrainian defenders prosperity and strength, health and happiness, courage, stability and endurance. And with great hope they expressed the conviction that the world is Добро, and Добро always wins, albeit riddled with time, but the face of the power of the truth is evil.

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