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   Healthy cascinarimini condition for effective detox: the porridge should as much as possible to stay in the stomach. A minimum of 20 minutes, then more toxins will be absorbed. Therefore, the most useful porridgeit is longer than others to digest. Following on the benefits of cereals – rice and buckwheat, but they require special preparation. The rice should as long as possible to wash out a small jet of cold water from the tap.

   Thus it is washed out of starch, hinder the process of cleansing the body. Buckwheat is better not to cook, and to steam: pour boiling water, wrap and leave in a warm place (you can use a thermos with a wide throat). Buckwheat absorbs harmful heavy metals. Complement the porridge with dried apricots, raisins, figs, dried fruit, apples, honey, tomatoes, eggplant, olives, cereal does not lose its absorptive properties. There are dozens of recipes for homemade cereals, everyone can cook them in their own way, they will be tasty and useful to everyone, regardless of age.

   Cereals vegetables, better balanced in mineral and vitamin content, they can be served as a separate dish for Breakfast, lunch, dinner and as a garnish for meat dishes. For those who like barley, lack of vitamins does not threatenin pearl-barley porridge is present in almost all essential nutrients. Another advantage is that the pearl barley is the abundance of lysine. This amino acid has antiviral activity, particularly against microbes causing herpes and acute respiratory infections, support vitality and maintain a healthy heart. In addition, barley could easily claim the title of "porridge beauty".

    The fact that lysine is actively involved in the production of collagen, which is known to make the skin smooth and elastic, and at the same time and prevents the appearance of wrinkles. Do not forget about pearl barley groats and those who seriously cares about the figure. This hearty porridge contains a large amount of fiber, which removes from the body toxins and wastes, and substances that prevent the deposition of fat. Thanks to this feature nutritionists recommend barley to those who wants to part with excess weight. On this page we will introduce You with all the best qualities of our products.


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