St. Peter and Paul day

  St. Peter and Paul holiday is usually celebrated on the 12th of July. In 2018 we also celebrate it, recalling the story of two Apostles that is very exciting and mysterious.

 St. Peter and Paul day Apostle Peter always believed in Christ and became his faithful follower. From the very beginning he was with Jesus and saw everything that had happened to him. And whereas, Paul was an enemy of Christ and his faith. But he believed in Jesus as the Messiah, considering he was a false prophet. So what happened to them both those days?

  All 12 Apostles were with Jesus from the beginning, it seems, they were with him when he was born. For example, Apostle Nathanael from Cana, lived several kilometers away from the place where Jesus was born. As for the other Apostles, they also grew up with Jesus close to each other. The first who proclaimed the Christ, the Son of God, was Apostle Peter. He announced the coming of God's Son to the earth to give his life to save the people.

  Paul was against Jesus until he saw the resurrection of Christ. All the Apostles who believed in the Son of God from the beginning, in the resurrection of Christ were with him, while Paul met him much later, and at the very moment believed in miracles and in Him. He changed much, he believed in God, and all his life Paul preaching faith in Christ, his crucifixion and resurrection. If Christ didn’t revive people would be deceived and disappointed. As a result it would turn out that we live not in a real world but in the world of fantasies and illusions. Such thoughts came to Paul’s mind.

  During Peter and Paul Day think about all the light that surrounds you. Share goodness, faith and kind deeds with people. Let only sincere people who are ready to bring joy and happiness to your life surround you!

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