Holy Whitsunday is celebrated on the 50th day after Easter. Whitsunday is the most important holiday in the Orthodox religion. People also call it Pentecost. On the 50th day after the celebration of Great Easter, Prophet Moses gave the law of God to his novices near Mount Sinai and came up with the Old Testament priesthood.
Trinity  People in Rus began to celebrate Whitsunday in 300 years after Prince Vladimir performed the rite of christening.
Most people associate this Holy day with the approach of summer and spring send off. Seven days before Whitsunday are called "mermaid" or "green". More and more often this holiday is associated with the green holidays, during which oat begins to bloom, people bring flowers to their houses, decorate the walls, and the girls twine the wreaths.

   On this day the Orthodox Christians celebrate the descending of the Holy Spirit upon Apostles. The concept of Whitsunday personifies the image of God: God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

  On Whitsunday religious people attend the church service, bringing with them the bouquets of flowers and fragrant herbs. They believe thatthe human soul is renewed with theHoly Spirit through these attributes. After the church service all family gather around the table, treating pancakes, pies and kissel. It is also possible to organize a picnic as Whitsunday falls on weekendsin 2016.

  Before the Holy Whitsunday housewives clean their houses, put everything in order, bring flowers, wreaths and decorate their apartments. This decoration symbolizes the onset of summer, theprosperity of human life and unity with nature.

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