Valentine's Day

February 14 —  amazing day when  it is possible and necessary to make a declaration of love.

  "August-Kiy" company  congratulates everyone with St. Valentine's Day, one of the favorite holidays of people of all ages. People who have already met their beloved adore this holiday and those who haven't  are still waiting for it to find their sweethearts.

  Moreover — to report your sweetheart about your feelings you can with the help of the St. Valentines card which is made in the form of the heart.

The origin of Valentine's cards

   In ancient times the lovers told each other warm words,sang songs and danced. And only in the 15th century young men and women started writing love notes. One of these Valentine's note is still in the British Museum. I is a beautiful love confession made by Duke of Orleans to his beloved wife, when he was in prison.

   18th century is the most popular time when Valentine's cards were given instead of flowers and gifts. Special love homemade colored cards were used in England. Soul mates signed them, write poems, pierced with needles to get lace, and coloured using stencils and ink. Comparing with modern postcards printed in typography, vintage hearts look gorgeous.

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