«August» ТМ

   "August" TM – is the best that can be offered at the market of packaged groats. Only high-quality groats can be sold under this trademark. The groats are carefully selected in compliance with all standards for storage, processing and transportation. "August" TM has the widest range of goods and you may save your budget by buying the products of this trademark.

«Vesely Kok» ТМ

   “Vesely Kok” TM was chosen by the consumer who values the combination of reasonable price and stable quality. The groats under this trademark are carefully selected in compliance with all standards for storage, processing and transportation. “Vesely Kok” TM has a wide range of the most popular Ukrainian groats, which are presented in many market outlets and are favourite not only among  the Kievers.

«Telets» ТМ

   Nowadays the Factory produces 12 kinds of products. The enterprise is provided with the first-class German equipment. In order to achieve such quality of the products, as we have now we had to spend a lot of effort and work.In 2000  “Novoukrainka Factory of Grain Products” was entered to the "Golden Book of Ukrainian Business Elite” and now is the laureate of "Vyscha Proba" award, the member of the Ukrainian Association for Quality, the finalist of Vth National Competition for Quality and the member of The Quality Leaders' Club in Ukraine. In 2002 it was awarded with an ISO 9001 –2001 certificate of quality and got the international prize "European Quality" for the high quality in accordance with the European standards.


   National traditions of eating sunflower seeds during a pleasant conversation, while watching favorite TV show, on vacations, during fishing, etc. require from us to provide our customers with high quality product. Modern production, an additional system of grinding seeds allow removing from surface of the shell "fibres", which, while being roasted burns and cause the effect of "dirty hands". We make the opposite - the "clean hands", great taste, lots of pleasure. And we succeeded. Modern design of package and high quality of products should not leave indifferent even the most demanding customers.

«Moryachka» ТМ

   Food sea salt is the oldest of spices. Food sea salt has an unlimited shelf life and at the same time, due to the natural crystallization, does not lose its beneficial properties. Sea salt makes food delicious with unusual taste of sea water. It is used not only for cooking but also for medical purposes.

«Lad» ТМ

   Vinegar is a spice known since old times. A convenient plastic packaging and vinegar of the highest quality will satisfy taste of anyone. This vinegar is suitable for any meal, will complement any flavor combinations, will give a spicy aroma. Vinegar is easy to use for any cuisine because of comfortable packaging. I is also perfect for marinades.

«Bazarniy Den» TM

   Company "August-Kiy" offers to your attention our new brand «Bazarniy Den» TM.

   We propose Polished long grain rice, Polished millet and other cereals.

«Formula Zdorovya» TM

   Products of "Formula Zdorovya" TM is a natural, the most balanced source of nutrients for humans, with all necessary for life, dietary and health care nutrition.

«Komora» ТМ

   Earlier each housewife had to create her own crumbs using her recipes because without crumbs it is impossible to fry fish or meat, to get golden crust and to keep the juiciness of the product. Crumbs which is made of crackers gives to the product a special flavor and charm, is also a necessary ingredient in the recipe.

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