Sunflower seeds of «CЁMOChKI» TM are a valuable food, a high content of vegetable protein and fats, essential vitamins and trace elements necessary for an organism. Sunflower seeds have a high calorific value, slowing down the aging process, contain no cholesterol and help reduce its level in the blood, which is a limiting factor in the development of atherosclerosis and helps the normal functioning of the cardiovascular system.

    Fibers comprising the structure of the seeds have a positive effect on bowel.






   Sunflower fried (grinding) in a package 70g












  Sunflower fried (grinding) in a package 140g












 Sunflower fried (grinding) in a package 240g












 Sunflower fried (grinding) in a package 500g








   When choosing, remember that whole seeds treated better. Without husk oxidized fats in the product.

   The very process of consumption of sunflower seeds is almost a meditation having a profound therapeutic effect. It is excellent for calming nerves at the end of a hard working day.The sound of clicking reminds a kind of ticking of the clock or the crackle of logs in the fireplace. It creates its own unique music, which, together with the process of purification and eating distracts from the surrounding bustle and leads into the world of own thoughts and arguments.

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