«The Health Formula» TM

   Products of «Formula Zdorovya» TM is a natural, the most balanced source of nutrients for humans, with all necessary for life, health and development of the organism.

   Every cereal product of «Formula Zdorovya» TM has its useful properties and can be used in dietary and health care nutrition:

  • wheat and rye are the most popular cereals,  have valuable and healing properties, which are the most active during germination.
  • corn is an excellent combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. It is high in amino acids that have a positive impact on the body.
  • buckwheat is rich in magnesium and iron, essential for nutrition. I is a delicious garnish and a separate dish.

   Grains lose the majority of nutrients during the processing of grain, however, thanks to a special technology, the products of «Formula Zdorovya» TM let the nature take care of You, keeping maximum vitamins and minerals!


«Formula Zdorovya» TM - rye and wheat

«Formula Zdorovya» TM - rye malt and corn starch«Formula Zdorovya» TM - rye malt and corn starch«Formula Zdorovya» TM - buckwheat flour, rye, corn and rice

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