Use of sunflower seeds

Use of sunflower seeds


   Each of us likes to nibble sunflower seeds. The process of eating of sunflower seeds becomes more enjoyable, if you remember that they have many healthy substances. Sunflower seeds contain a great number of vitamins, major mineral elements and trace elements, the list of which is endless. For example, the lovers of nibbling of sunflower seeds need not worry about premature ageing, and it is thanks to the “youth vitamins” A, B and E, which we get with each kernel. Sunflower seeds are also known as a great folk remedy for diseases of cardiovascular system, also they strengthen bones. Sunflower seeds are a source of polysaturated fatty acids for a human organism.

   In addition to the above-listed healthy substances, which contain sunflower seeds, they also help to steady nerves. When we methodically shell sunflower seeds, we switch over from stresses and routine to a pleasant and habitual process. Nervousness, depressionandinsomniasubside. It is not surprising that sunflower seeds have always been associated with a comfort and tranquility. The sound of nibbling reminds crackling of firewood in a fireplace or ticking of an old clock. Such atmosphere brings pacification and distracts from bustle.

   Also it should be mentioned, that sunflower seeds help us to satisfy hunger quickly. Sunflower seeds are healthy for people who lack of magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron, zinc or fluoride. And yet it is very tasty!

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